Die Konferenz für Delphi & mehr
7. - 9. November 2022, Düsseldorf


Interview with Marco Cantu

Over more than 25 years Delphi was and remains an excellent choice to learn programming, due to its easier syntax compared to curly brace languages and the fact it allows progressing from procedural programming to the world of object orientation, while other popular languages only offer an OOP paradigm. The biggest changes in Delphi 11 relate with the development environment itself, given we made the move to using High DPI support in the IDE.

Delphi – moving towards the multi-device world and the IoT

How popular is Delphi in Europe in general and Germany in particular? The Windows-centric world Delphi was originally focused on doesn’t‘ exist any more. How has Delphi been keeping up and what’s in the pipeline to help developers address today’s and tomorrow needs? The Windows 10 platform is evolving rapidly. In what ways can Delphi and especially Visual Component Library (VCL) be of use when building Windows 10 applications? EKON 21 speaker Marco Cantu answers these and further questions...