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November 7 - 9, 2022 | Düsseldorf

FMXER meets Skia4Delphi

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FMXER framework provides a declarative approach to build mobile (or cross-platform) applications. Instead of dealing with fine-grained components, the developer can setup reusable macro-components to build up the final application by configuring each block appropriately.
Among the pros of this approach we can find a more code-driven approach (against RAD) and a huge push for reusability (thus for visual consistency across the application).
A peculiarity of FMXER is the approach is not compulsory, so you can still mix and match as needed with traditional (RAD) programming.
Latest addition to FMXER is the pervasive use of Skia4Delphi technology, to leverage the most in terms of graphic capabilities, animations, goodies and performance boosts.